Jereb Inc.
    Bus Repair  & Service
    11110 Avon Avenue
    Cleveland, Ohio. 44105

 We Would like to invite you to try our repair service. Jereb equipped to handle any size bus, all makes and models from bumper to bumper. You will receive QUICK, PROFESSIONAL service. It will be  REPAIRED RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. You WILL NOT have to keep taking it back for the same problem.


                * School Bus Repair
                * Mini Bus Repair
                * Pre-Inspection
                * Wheelchair Lift Repair
                * Fleet Service
                * Electrical
                * Exhaust
                * Brakes
                * Suspension
                * Steering
                * Air Conditioning
                * Welding and Fabricating
                * Diesel and Gas Engines
                * Transmissions
                * Rear Ends
                * Radiators
                * Hydraulics
                * Pneumatics
                * Windshields and windows
                You will be pleased with our personalized service.
                Serving the Greater Cleveland area since 1983